How do I register my bar and pay for a bar subscription that lets me show BKFC fights in my establishment?

From the BKFC BARS homepage, hover over the "Log in or Register" button located in the main navigation strip. Click on "Login or Register "which will take you to the BKFC account site where you can enter your credit card and pay for the $250 per quarter bar subscription.

Once you’ve entered your credit card to create your bar subscription account, click on the "Back to Watch site" button at the top of the page. (If you already have a personal BKFC subscription, be sure to create a new account using a different email address in order to enter a separate business credit card to charge for your BKFC Bars subscription.) 

NOTE: You will be sent a confirmation email containing a link that must be clicked to complete the registration/purchase process.

Should you not receive a confirmation email or if you have any issues confirming your account, please contact us by sending an email to

Now that you have paid and confirmed your BKFC BARS subscription, you will be able to set up your establishment in this BKFC BARS site. You can provide as much information as you want that helps fans know which events you are airing, menus, specials or any other promotional information you would like to provide. You are welcome to update the information that you provide in the registration form at any time. From this page, you'll also be able to invite fight fans to follow you, view your current and pending followers, send out a bulk email to your followers, as well as add photos.

How do I register as a BKFC fan to follow my favorite bar?

Once you create (or log in to) in BKFC ACCOUNTS you can then register in BKFC BARS and follow one or more of your favorite bars, gyms or restaurants to be notified when they are running special promotions during BKFC events.  

I registered my Bar or Gym but it isn't appearing in the registry! Why?

Before a Bar or Gym can appear in the registry it must be approved and have a verified Bar, Restaurant & Gym Quarterly Subscription. Once approved you will receive an email notification. 

How do I register a bar?

Once you have created your individual account you can then register a bar.
Log In and then hover over the Bar drop down menu on the main page of the site. Click on "Create Bar".

You will be brought to a page with a form that asks for the bar's information such as name, address, contact information, website, social media, operating hour and pictures.

How do I invite followers to my Bar or Gym?

Go to your page and then click on the Invite Members button, located in the menu under your club's logo.

You can invite fans in bulk from this page by uploading a spreadsheet (in XLSX format) that contains the first and last names of your members, as well as their email addresses.

Once you've selected the spreadsheet that you would like to upload, simply click on the "Send Invite" button. This will send an email to each user in the spreadsheet, inviting them to sign up.

You can also invite fans one at a time to join your fan club. Go to the Invite Users page and fill in the individual user invite form. When you're done, simply click on "Send Invite" button and the user will receive an invitation email. 

Additionally, on the Invite Users page there is a link that you can send to those who you wish to invite. 

An example of what the invite link looks like is below:[club_name_here]/join

This link can be coped and pasted into emails, social media posts, text messages, etc., and will enable users to create their own individual account.

How do I edit my bar or gym's information?

Once you’ve registered, you can edit the information that you provided by navigating to its page on the website.

Next to the information, you should see a small red icon that looks like a tag. Clicking on this icon will display the particular field's information in a small textbox where you can make your desired edits.

Once you’re done editing the information in the desired field, you can simply click on the red tag again, which will then save the updated information to your page.

What factors affect the member count of my club?

Your membership count, visible on your bar or gym's page, is based on the number of invited and approved members. In order to make sure that number is always accurate, be sure to send all your member invites from or send us your current spreadsheet with your members' information so we can update your club. 

Are there any benefits to adding my bar or gym with BKFC?

Yes, lots! You will get exposure, official merchandise opportunities, sharing content and events, exclusive newsletters, and BKFC support. Please see our Benefits page for more details!

Can I create merchandise for my Bar or Gym?

No! At this time we are not allowing custom merch. We are planning on adding this in the near future.

I have a question that’s not listed here. Who do I contact to get an answer?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding BKFC, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at 


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